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About 'day' schools and staying with the Host Family

Attending a private “Day” school is a practical alternative to the traditional Boarding school options for international students. A student attending a “Day” school usually stays with a host family that provides all necessary living amenities including accommodations, food, transportation, and adult supervision, for a monthly fee.

Having a High School Host family typically gives the student a more genuine high school experience, in comparison to the on-campus lifestyle of boarding schools. This is in addition to attending a private institution that gives the student the same ability to be challenged academically & athletically in a college preparatory environment. Considering this alternative can increase a student’s educational choices exponentially.


Strong Athletics programs - Schools have a high standard of coaching, facilities, and resources. This usually is coupled with smaller roster sizes, leading to more player development and higher chances of playing opportunities.

Small Class sizes - Smaller class sizes lead to more 1 on 1 interaction with instructors to provide a superior learning experience. Private high schools on average are less than half the size of public schools.

College Prep Environments - Over 99% of Day school graduates will attend a private College or University.

Safe Campuses - Private schools have a much lower rate of violence & oftentimes have a zero tolerance policy in place.

Diverse Location options - Throughout the United States, Day schools are located in both urban and suburban areas & regions.

Financial Savings - Not having to charge for boarding costs, allows Day schools to typically be financially easier on students. This is even more true when using an affordable Host family option.

Traditional High School Experience - Being able to go “home” is a luxury that Day schools students are able to enjoy. This allows students to experience a proper school/family balance that every teenage kid needs.

High schools, either boarding or "Day" schools, offer a variety of great opportunities to student-athletes. Combining a first-class education with fun and competitive sports and activities, produces a life-changing experience for students.Our unique background at Podyum Preps includes over 15 years of experience working with boarding schools to place international students at them. If studying in the USA is something you are considering in your journey as a student-athlete, we can help you manage that process with a high degree of expertise.


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