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our mission

To maximize our student-athletes’ recruitment potential 


We want to see you win! From producing custom highlight tapes or graphics to building a personalized student-athlete college priority list. Everything we do at Podyum Preps is centered around maximizing our student-athletes’ recruitment potential. 

meet the team

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Card Chris-01.png
Jordan Long Staff card-01.png
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Card Vincent-01.png
Chris Pollock Staff card-01.png
Card Marcus-01.png
Card Willy Boloweti-01.png
Card Matz-01.png
Card Nina Kalmi-01.png
Card Will Christian-01.png
Ronny Weihmann Staff card-01.png
Reuben Williams Staff card-01.png
Will Barnes Staff card-01.png
Stefan Radojkovic Staff card-01-01.png
Card Tate-01.png
Julian Scott Staff Card-01.png
Eliska Vavrova Staff Card-01-01.png
Pablo Rodriguez Staff card-01-01.png
Ashkan Shalbaf Staff card-01.png
Dubravko Zemljic Staff card-01.png

what we do

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high school     

& college     


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     graphic design/

     athlete promotion

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     all-star games

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