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How to Get Recruited to Play Men’s College Basketball

What does it take to be recruited for college basketball? What exactly are coaches looking for in prospective athletes? These are the questions we will answer in this article, as well as explaining how you can get the most out of your recruitment process.


College coaches are looking for specific attributes in prospective recruits that fit the needs of their program. Regardless of the position of a player, coaches look for similar attributes when determining the appropriate college competition level for a recruit. These levels can vary from NCAA Division I to Junior College programs. Knowing which level fits your individual attributes will help you create a realistic list of target schools, and improve your chances of being successfully recruited by those programs and their rivals. Below are the primary attributes college coaches look for in prospective student-athletes.

Physical Ability

Body frame, height, strength, and athleticism are what coaches will closely evaluate during the recruiting process. The average NCAA Division I men’s basketball player’s height is 6’5, with the most commonly listed height being 6’7. This means most coaches are looking for the best player that fits the physical profile needed to play at their respective levels.

Technical Skills

All college athletes will be fast, strong, and athletic, so coaches evaluate technical skills to separate the best from the