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About Boarding Schools in the USA

Attending a Boarding School in the United States provides the ultimate educational experience for international students. Boarding schools provide students with the opportunity to live on campus with their friends in a college preparatory environment. Combining a first-class education with fun and competitive sports, produces a life-changing experience for students. Boarding schools provide the following benefits:

Small & Intimate Class Sizes

Class sizes are oftentimes less than 10 students per teacher. Such intimate numbers give the students access to personal instruction, as well as allowing the teachers to really get to know their students. This relationship helps teachers ensure their students are successful, as they are fully committed to them without distraction.

World-Class Facilities

Boarding schools offer some of the best facilities in the country, and everything is within close proximity. Classrooms, dorms, cafeterias, sports facilities, and administrative offices are all within walking distance. This convenience allows students to spend their time more efficiently instead of on travel & transportation. No matter the sport you play, having access to a school’s world-class basketball gym, indoor swimming pool, football field, golf course, recording studio, theater, or even horse stable, is an experience that can’t be replicated. These facilities can help students explore interests they might not have known before given such a great opportunity.

Strong Sports Programs

Student-athletes will always have to figure out the right balance between their academics and athletic performance, but Boarding schools typically combine the two seamlessly. The school system is constructed so that education & sports can co-exist without one being more important than the other. Most Boarding schools participate in the most competitive sports conferences based on their superior facilities & training. These sports conferences consistently produce highly recruited athletes each year.

On-Campus Living

Living in a dorm is an unforgettable experience that most students enjoy. Dorm rooms typically have two roommates sharing one room. Most students meet friends in the dorms setting and tend to create a special bond with their roommate. There is always a member of the school staff living in the dorm as well, to ensure there is always a responsible adult available for students.

Healthy Meals & Quality Health Services

Boarding schools offer healthy food options throughout the day. On campus, students are served buffet style breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with plenty of options available. The choices are great for all types of students, from the drama student to the offensive lineman playing American football.

Health Centers are available on-campus, allowing students medical attention whenever necessary. Combined with living on-campus, this gives students a very fast response time in case of medical emergency.

Organized Weekend Activities

Weekdays are mostly spent on campus, focused on studying, hobbies, or sports training. Boarding schools make sure to supply students with common areas, so there's plenty of time for leisure activities like watching television, playing video games, or whatever activities you are interested in doing.

Sports are a major part of boarding school leisure time, and are supported by the entire institution. Game Day is always a big deal, no matter what sport is being played, and the entire school participates in cheering for their team. Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Lacrosse, or even Equestrian matches, are always a special day at Boarding schools and school spirit is high!

Most Boarding schools are within driving distance of a major city, so schools typically organize weekend trips to go sightseeing, shopping, attend concerts & professional sporting events, visit the beach, go camping, and many more activities available in the specific region. The organized events are one of the top reasons students enjoy boarding schools so much.

Holiday and long weekend breaks are also available throughout the school year. These are the times students can get off-campus for their own travel adventures, or return home to see their family & friends.

Lifelong Friendships

Most people make their most meaningful friendships during their teenage years, which happens in the High School setting. The diverse student population found at boarding schools help to create lifelong friendships that span the length of the entire globe. Spending years with friends on-campus everyday creates a strong bond that will always be cherished.

Strong and Loyal Alumni Networks

In addition to those lifelong friendships, students become part of some of the most prestigious alumni Networks in the world. Boarding schools have a long history of successful students, teachers, and administrators who have impacted society on the global scale. Being included in that type of network of people is one of the biggest advantages to attending a boarding school.

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