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Recruitment Plan brings you a highly personalized, comprehensive and unique gameplan for developing your profile as a prospect and maximizing yourself as a recruit. It’s important for student-athletes to learn how to properly market themselves to coaches, while taking care of the NCAA eligibility requirements. Podyum Preps recruitment coaches will help you navigate the recruitment process and maximize your chances of earning scholarships.

High schools, either boarding or "day" schools, around the US offer a variety of great opportunities to student-athletes. We provide our student-athletes with the tools and knowledge to manage Boarding/HS school applications, prepare for meetings with coaches and admissions officers, and apply for financial aid. Our unique background at Podyum Preps includes over 15 years of experience placing student-athletes at USA High Schools.

Recruitment Plan Includes:

- Assigned Personal Recruitment Coach;

- Evaluation of your academic and athletic performances;

- Individualized recruitment plan based on your evaluation;

- Assistance in identifying and applying to your most desired universities;

- Tools to maximize your scholarship potential, identifying which universities and NCAA levels are best fit for you;

- NCAA eligibility guidance;

- All Star Media Package features.

*Profile, highlights and recruitment video sent to 300+ universities



Podyum Preps Recruitment Plan



*Single Payment

3 Months

Payment Plan

Podyum Preps Recruitment Plan



$4,350 paid in 3 equal monthly payments

6 Months

Payment Plan

Podyum Preps Recruitment Plan



$4,500 paid in 6 equal monthly payments

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