The Importance of Digital Media

Media and highlights are extremely important in the college recruitment process. How you present yourself online is incredibly important to the success of your athletic recruitment. Poorly filmed and edited highlight videos can ruin your chances of earning a scholarship. Whereas a first-class highlight video can elevate you to the front of the recruiting list. Our design team will take your recruitment potential to the next level!


See below for our different highlight packages: 



custom highlight video

Perfect for players who want to showcase their top plays in a professional format. This video can be used to send to college coaches of top programs. The custom highlight package includes:  


  • Custom banner with your player details

  • 2-4 minute of your top plays edited into a highlight video

  • Custom music, intro, and outro

recruitment media package

This package is for student-athletes who want to display their full-athletic exposure and their personality so recruiters can get to know you better without ever seeing you in person. The recruitment video includes:

1 Recruitment Video

  • Virtual Combine 

  • Position Drills 

  • Game Highlights 

  • Interview

  • Podyum Preps Recruiting Profile


1 Virtual Combine Video

1 Game highlights video

1 Custom Twitter Cover graphic

1 Custom instagram graphic

Custom Offers graphics 

1 Custom Committed Graphic




how it works

We send athletes full instructions on how to film combine drills, position drills, and conduct an interview, then our production team creates a video for each. Then we will produce a professional recruitment video that incorporates each of the drills you filmed, your game highlights, and the interview.