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It’s important for student-athletes to learn how to properly market themselves to coaches, while taking care of the NCAA eligibility requirements. With over 20 years of combined college recruiting experience, the Podyum Preps team is committed to help you earn a scholarship.


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American High schools, either boarding or "day" schools, offer a variety of great opportunities to student-athletes. Combining a first-class education with fun and competitive sports and activities, produces a life-changing experience for student.


Podyum Preps is a platform for high school student-athletes seeking high school placement or university recruitment. Podyum Preps’ mission is to demystify the admissions and recruiting process, and help student-athletes from across the globe pursue their academic and athletic dreams. 


Our team of dedicated recruiting coaches and admissions experts are committed to help student-athletes to play at the NCAA, NAIA and JUCO level.

We are working with the athletes in all sports, mainly basketball, american football, soccer, volleyball, baseball, tennis, softball, track and field.


Schools we work with include: US and Canadian high schools, prep and boarding schools, Junior Colleges, Mexican universities, British universities, and D1, DII, DIII, and NAIA colleges in the US.


The Podyum Preps Effect

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When you work with Podyum Preps, you have on your side decades of recruiting experience and expertise coupled with highly innovative social media and marketing support.  You also have access to a wealth of experience in college counseling and connections with over 500 US colleges and boarding schools.  Most importantly, though, when you work with Podyum Preps, you get a highly personalized, comprehensive and unique gameplan for developing your profile as a prospect and maximizing yourself as a recruit. All of our years of experience and work in this field has made it very clear to us that there is no “cookie-cutter” approach to this process!  This is what separates Podyum Preps from others in our field. Student-athletes must have a well-constructed recruiting gamelan to maximize their potential of earning college scholarships.  Our holistic approach of creating individualized gameplans gives student-athletes and their families tools and knowledge to excel in the recruitment process. 

Goal Setting

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It is critical that the entire family is on the same page entering the recruiting process. Your recruiting coach will set-up a video call with your family  to connect and establish the initial gameplan. This conversation provides tremendous insight into all aspects of building the list of target schools for the student-athlete. Together, we layout specified details (school location, program level, size of school, budget for school, etc), so we can begin to set goals and establish  the gameplan to maximize the student-athlete’s recruitment potential. 

Academic Game Plan


Everyone knows that the NCAA Division 1,2,3 & NAIA institutions have certain eligibility requirements, but they don’t help you identify which universities are right for you.  We provide academic counseling on course selection, standardized test advisement, and the match of student/institution based on the transcript and academic profile. Our academic counseling is critical to targeting the right schools that maximize the recruits’ career success.

Building the List


At Podyum Preps, we start the recruiting process by producing a list based on all the athlete’s desired program characteristics. We then recommend a host of schools that fit your unique profile as a starting point. This doesn’t mean that those are the only schools that will recruit you or that we will connect with, but it is the initial core list that we believe you should focus your greatest efforts in communication, camps or visits, and admissions preparation.  We will recommend a number of schools that fit your profile based on our observations, evaluations, and experience in this process.  This list is a collaborative effort between our clients’ families and the Podyum Preps team. It is a core piece of making this process as directed and individualized as we possibly can. In essence, we don’t rely on the shotgun approach of mass marketing- we help keep this process winnable by keeping the recruiting list sensible, logical, client-specific and manageable. 

Player Profile and Media

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We create your recruiting profile that lays out all the information coaches need to properly evaluate you. College coaches like to see what athletic characteristics you display in games, how you move during combine drills, and what your personality is like. When coaches get to your profile, it’s important you have professionally edited highlights and interviews displayed. Our design team will produce all of your media to make sure coaches can easily be impressed with your film. The Podyum Preps Athlete Profile is like nothing else in the market and will differentiate you from other recruits in the pool.  We will help you stand-out and be noticed through the power of our cutting edge media and our unique approach of “highlighting” our Podyum Preps clients. 

Finishing the Process


We provide our student-athletes with the tools and knowledge to manage college applications, prepare for meetings with recruiters, and apply for financial aid. We believe that both aspects of the “student-athlete” have to be supported in the process to find the greatest college program for you. We are certain that even the most highly capable families will feel empowered from our recruitment guidance. No other recruitment service is as comprehensive as ours, covering all aspects of the recruitment process. Let the Podyum Preps team help you win at the next level! 



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